Group Exercise Classes

We offer the latest trends and cutting edge classes, as well as the tried and true favorites. We have something for everyone. Each class is designed to give you the best in cardio and strength workouts.

Our instructors cater to your needs, ranging from beginner programs to more advanced exercise programs. With a large assortment of classes offered every week, we work around your schedule, even when your schedule varies. Our knowledgeable, friendly and supportive instructors will enable you to center your energy, reduce stress, tone and shape up quickly, and even smile. Our professionally developed, high quality programs are safe, efficient and effective, and are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. With motivating music and our awsome instructors utilizing simple yet very effective movements, you can be certain your group fitness experience will be a memorable one!

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Express Workout:

A wide introduction to the various machines in the American Woman fitness room. Emphasis is placed on learning the proper technique and form needed to complete a total body workout. This class is good for beginners or women that have time constraints.

Proper warm-up, cool-down, and post-workout nutrition are also touched upon.

Note: It is highly recommended to inexperienced exercisers to take this class before the body part specific class below.

Advanced Workout

This class is designed for women who want to learn proper exercise techniques using both free weights and machine exercises. Participants choose 2 body parts per session and focus is placed on proper form and technique.

Proper warm-up, cool-down, and post-workout nutrition are also touched upon.

Limit: 4 participants per session
Each session lasts 1 hour

Aerobics Class Descriptions

This class combines weights and high/lo impact cardio which will work all your major muscle groups.

Cardio Fusion:
This class is a combination of all different kinds of cardio exercise which might include step, double step, kickboxing and hi/lo impact aerobics.

Core Strength:
This is a non-cardio class that will concentrate on strengthening abdominal and lower back muscles.

Step/Double Step:
This class is comprised of combinations of different step moves all done on either one or two Reebok steps.

This is an hour long kick boxing class that will take you through fun combinations of punches and kicks in a low impact high intensity format.

Master Class:
This class is offered once a month and is taught by several instructors. It may incorporate many of our different classes for a little variety or just expand on a class already offered. Come join us! Look for signs!

Beginner Step:
This class is for members who are interested in learning the basic moves taught in our step classes. The instructor will take you slowly through our basic steps and then incorporate them into combinations. This is an excellent class for new members. Be sure to ask the instructor if you have any questions related to our aerobics program.

Strength Toning:
This non-cardio class will work different muscles utilizing a combination of weights, bands, fitness balls.

Abdominal Back Strengthening is especially designed to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles to promote better posture, core strength and balance.

Boot Camp
This class combines weights and high/ low impact cardio which will work all your major muscle groups.

Core Strength
This is a non-cardio class that will concentrate on strengthening abdominal and lower back muscles.

Intermediate Step
This class is geared toward participants who have been taking beginner step and want to bridge the gap to our regular step class, incorporating more complex moves and combinations.

Boot Camp / Barbell
This is a traditional bootcamp class with a twist. Barbell work brings exciting new exercises. Get toned and fit without bulking up.

Drenched(high intensity session)
This class includes strength, speed, and endurance. Similar to sports conditioning, plyometric sequences, and martial arts.

Spinning / Bootcamp
High intensity interval training. Combination of spinning intervals and circuit type intervals in boot camp format. ( $5.00 fee per class)

Circuit Training Programs

Our top notch programs strengthen all of your muscle groups with simple, easy to use state of the art fitness machines. See great improvements in the shape and tone of your body in no time and keep your body looking great by using our circuit training program for as little as just 30 minutes two times per week.

Brand New Cardio Machines

Tons of cardio machines. An absolute incredible selection of cardio machines of all types and undoubtedly makes our cardio program the most impressive and expansive in the area. There won't be any waiting or time limits. Enjoy your favorite TV program while using you favorite cardio peices as each of our cardio pieces has its own individual Television for your viewing pleasure.